April 25 – August 28


Mr. Jeff, AKA “Superman” as he is known at Brentfield Elementary, is beloved by everyone past and present at the school. He is AWESOME but he needs our help. Avery is playing golf all summer for Mr. Jeff’s fund, please help him win this battle. Jeff is gonna beat cancer! Please join the fight with Avery to help Mr. Jeff! #lovegolfbeatcancer


1. Avery has partnered with “2 Seam Dream Foundation” to help Jeff beat cancer.
2. You pledge a donation amount for every first place finish or select a one time donation amount.
3. When she wins, a tournament, your pledge amount will be donated to Jeff’s Fund.
4. For every 2nd place finish, 50% of that pledge amount will be donated to the fund.
5. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Jeff’s cancer fund.
6. Jeff beats cancer!

Venue Date(s) Tour Affiliation Results Link to Leaderboard
Cedar Crest 4/25/2015 USK 2nd results
Keeton Park 4/26/2015 USK 1st results
Tangle Ridge GC 5/2/2015 NTPGA 2nd results
The Bridges USK Tour Championship 5/3/2015 USK 1st results
Texas Open at Horseshoe Bay 5/8/15 – 5/10/15 USK 1st results
NTPGA Spring Championship at Heritage Ranch 5/17/2015 NTPGA 2nd results
SWJT Lone Star Open – Tribute 5/23/15 – 5/24/15 SWJT RAINOUT
Firewheel – Bridges 5/31/2015 USK RAINOUT
Thorntree CC 6/8/2015 NTPGA 1st results
Plantation Golf Resort 6/9/2015 NTPGA 2nd results
The Golf Club at McKinney 6/11/2015 NTPGA 1st results
Westridge Golf Course 6/11/2015 USK 1st results
Starburst Classic 6/14/15 – 6/17/15 1st results
Tenison Park GC – Glen 6/19/2015 NTPGA 1st results
US Kids Texas State Championship 6/22/15 – 6/24/15 USK 2nd results
PGA Boys and Girls Championship 6/29/15 – 6/30/15 NTPGA – All American 2nd results
Trails of Frisco 7/2/2015 NTPGA 1st results
Stonebridge Ranch Dye Course 7/6/2015 NTPGA 1st results
Mid Summer Open – Stonebriar CC Fazio 7/8/15 – 7/9/15 NTPGA – All American 1st results
IMG (formerly Callaway) World Championships 7/11/15 – 7/16/15 IMG 2nd results
World Masters of Golf Championship 7/19/15 – 7/23/15 TM 1st results
US Kids World Championship (Pinehurst) 7/26/15 – 8/1/15 USK 2nd results
Ewing Metro Summer Championship – Watters Creek 8/10/2015 NTPGA 4th results
Stonebridge Ranch Hills Course 8/11/2015 USK 1st results
Drive, Chip and Putt 2nd round 8/16/2015 NTPGA 1st results
Ewing Summer Tour Championship – Brookhaven Masters Course 8/17/15 – 8/18/15 NTPGA 3rd results
Firewheel – Bridges 8/23/2015 USK 1st results
Keeton Park 8/30/2015 USK

The 2 Seam Dream Foundation is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization

The Win Green Campaign is made possible through a partnership with the 2 Seam Dream Foundation and founder Rick Greene. The inaugural Win “Green” Campaign was in 2015 managed to raise almost $8,000 for the Brentfield Elementary School Custodian (Mr. Jeff Ballard AKA “Superman”) to aid in his fight against lung cancer. It has since been the dream of Avery Zweig, her Caddie and The 2 Seam Dream Foundation’s goal to raise WORLDWIDE awareness for pediatric cancer. We hope that with each campaign participant learning to “utilize their skills to benefit those who are in need” the Win Green Campaign will make a significant impact each and every year.