Avery Zweig A.K.A. “The Nugget”
Abigail Caine
Alex Escamilla
Alexander Stewart
Alexandra Escamilla
Alexis LaMadrid
Angelina Huang
Aspen Escamilla
Austin Escamilla
Ava “The High Plains Hammer” Key
Cameron Huang
Carlee Rogers
Chanelle Wangari
Duff McKay
Emree Cameron
Francesca Choquette
Gianna “G Money” Clemente
Jolie Pastorick
Kylie Williams
Layla Horton
Laney Hall
Leo Huddleston
London Fitzgerald
Mariah Brownhill
Mia Hammond
McKenna Murphy
Miles Russell
Natalia LaMadrid
Nicole Criscone
Ryker Huther
Varsha Ramachandran
David Pyle

The 2 Seam Dream Foundation is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization

The Win Green Campaign is made possible through a partnership with the 2 Seam Dream Foundation and founder Rick Greene. The inaugural Win “Green” Campaign was in 2015 managed to raise almost $8,000 for the Brentfield Elementary School Custodian (Mr. Jeff Ballard AKA “Superman”) to aid in his fight against lung cancer. It has since been the dream of Avery Zweig, her Caddie and The 2 Seam Dream Foundation’s goal to raise WORLDWIDE awareness for pediatric cancer. We hope that with each campaign participant learning to “utilize their skills to benefit those who are in need” the Win Green Campaign will make a significant impact each and every year.