The 2019 Win Green Campaign is off and running!! For the second year in a row, WGC featured 30+ golfers from all around the world and was then capped off by the Sirois Shootout at Maridoe GC in October of 2018. In 2019 WGC features golfers from all over the WORLD who seek to “Utilize THEIR skills to benefit those in need”!!! The Win Green Campaign reached many of it’s goals past years but some of the Win Greener’s really developed their skills in the process; it is just fantastic to see the growth of the Win Greener’s every year. The 2019 Win Green Campaign will span the globe (Africa, Europe, Australia & North America) in order to raise awareness for our cause, pediatric cancer. Our mission is to develop the interpersonal communication skills of these young athletes. We will develop these skills through fundraising (selling merchandise & tickets), public speaking to groups about themselves and the cause, mentorship while leading by example for others and in some cases media training through newspaper & TV interviews. 

In 2019 we will have kids with a unified goal of raising money and lifting the spirit of this year’s beneficiaries. The 2019 Win Green Campaign beneficiaries are 8-year-old Brinley Boyd from Zanesville, OH and 8-year-old Dylan Cadwallader from LaHabra, CA. Based on the success of the WGC, we will attempt to make other small regionalized grants to communities and hospitals that make an impact in our fundraiser’s region. In 2019 ALL donations of $100 or greater will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing. For every $100 increment donated you will receive another entry into the Grand Prize drawing with an opportunity to win one of the incredible “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences. 

So jump on board, DONATE as many times as you like while supporting your player and helping us DOMINATE PEDIATRIC CANCER!!!



Make a ONE TIMEdonation to the 2019 Win Green Campaign. For every $100 donated to the Campaign earns a spot in the Grand Prize Drawing

You may enter as many times as you would like… WE ENCOURAGE THIS and it just INCREASES your chance to win!!! Lots of incredible prizes, once-in-a-lifetime experiences all along while helping a fantastic cause in the process. 

Help the Win Green Campaign dominate pediatric cancer and join in the fight with Dylan, Brinley and kids from around the WORLD!!! 

Avery Zweig aka “The Nugget” raising one-time donations with Brittany Lang, 2016 US Open Champion

The Nugget raising one-time donations with Brittany Lang, 2016 US Open Champion


In 2019 we are proud to announce that we have many incredible prizes and “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences to give away to the Campaign donors. FOR EVERY $100 donated you will receive an entry into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING. Enter as many times as would like as it is for a great cause and will only increase your chances to win one of these “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences.

The 2019 Win Green Campaign Donor Prizes include:

  • GRAND PRIZE is the “Callaway Tour Fitting Experience”. Head to Carlsbad, CA to receive a tour of the Callaway HQ. Then off to the fitting center to have your entire set of clubs custom fitted. This includes all 14 clubs and a bag to carry them in… the fitting experience and facility is an incredible experience and one you won’t ever forget.*
  • VIP Tour of one of the biggest Studios in Hollywood and on the same day you will have tickets to a taping of a MAJOR highly rated live show being shot on the “studio lot”. Speak to your player you are supporting in this campaign for more specific details on this prize, but TRUST US, it is AWESOME!!!  Tickets for 2 for this VIP experience.
  • Dancing with the Stars tickets. Pick a show from the spring season and enjoy a live taping of one of the hottest shows on TV! *
  • Custom Milled and stamped putter by Tyson Lamb. The “Lamb Crafted” putter created a HUGE buzz at the recent PGA Merchandizing Show ($3000 value). Including airfare for two in order to get your putter custom fitted, receive a tour of the studio and watch how putters are actually milled. All of this in person with the Man himself, Tyson Lamb of “Lamb Crafted”.
  • Meet & greet with a SUPERSTAR that supports the Win Green Campaign. This includes entry into the Sirois Shootout to be held in late October 2019. Your Win Green you are supporting can give you more details in person on this event and prize!*

* airfare not included

Set of PXG clubs along with a custom fitting at the PXG Headquarters in Arizona. Including airfare for 2 people.
VIP Tour of of one of the biggest Studios in Hollywood and on the same day you will have tickets to a taping of a MAJOR highly rated live show being shot on the “studio lot”. Speak to your player you are supporting in this campaign for more specific details on this prize, but TRUST US, it is AWESOME!!! Tickets for 2 & including airfare.
The Nugget raising one-time donations with Brittany Lang, 2016 US Open Champion



Brinley Boyd & Family

Brinley Boyd, an 8 year old from Zanesville, OH is one of two individual beneficiaries in 2019 of the efforts of the Win Greener’s and their efforts. Brinley lives at home with Mommy (Carmen) and Daddy (John), her kitty brother Clyde, and her doggy sister Molly. Carmen, Brinley’s mother has been kind enough to write a brief narrative detailing Brinley’s complex journey to date. Per Carmen, “Brinley was diagnosed with Very High-Risk pre-B cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. She also had CNS leukemia at diagnosis, which is very rare and made her have to endure an even more intense chemotherapy treatment plan than most.

On February 2, 2018, Brinley received a HAPLO stem cell transplant from her mommy. Since the transplant, she fell and broke her wrist, which has made recovery even slower, but through all of the ‘hurtables’ as she calls it, all of the hospital stays (258 days to date), she smiles her million dollar smile! B’s motto is “you gotta do what you gotta do”. Brinley LOVES love and shares it with those around her more through a best friend..her favorite blankie. She pulls ‘fuzzies’ off of her blanket and gives them to security guards as we get on the elevator, nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, and all who she feels could use ‘snuggles and love’. She tells people when they feel bad to rub on the fuzzy because it has snuggles and loves in it! Cancer has physically changed Brinley’s little body drastically.

She has many physical and emotional scars. But it has never dulled her shining spirit and determination! She is the epitome of ‘never quit!’ She wants to work at NCH when she grows up. She wants to work in the gift shop one day, in the cafeteria one day, and with her nurses and pca’s one day. She’s always looking forward and always has a plan. She is our sunshine girl!” It’s an honor and a privilege to work on behalf of Brinley this summer, we thank you for allowing us to do so, Brinley and Family!

Dylan Cadwallader & Family 

8-year-old Dylan Cadwallader from La Habra, CA & Family are the second beneficiary of the 2019 Win Green Campaign. Here is a timeline of Dylan’s journey (written by his mother, Erica) and why they need our support:“We are the Cadwallader Family: Troy (dad), Erica (Mom), Taylor (10 years old) and Dylan (8 years old). In early August Dylan got sick and wasn’t feeling so great. We took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with sinusitis & given antibiotics. He didn’t get better, and was having trouble breathing, so we took him back to the doctor, but same results. Finally on September 1st, he couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t breathe and we ended taking him to the ER. After an X-ray and then a CT scan we were sent to L.A. because they found a huge mass in his chest. They suspected cancer and needed to do a biopsy. During his biopsy, the mass collapsed and he went into cardiac arrest. After 14 minutes they were able to bring him back, but he suffered severe brain damage on top of being diagnosed will T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

Our family changed in an instant! Our poor Dylan has endured months of being in the hospital on ventilators, heavy sedation, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, multiple blood transfusions, and he survived them all…which was miraculous since there were a few times we were not sure he’d survive the night. We stayed by his side, living in the hospital the entire time. His body responded very well to the chemotherapy and the mass was gone, thank goodness! Unfortunately after 2 months of being in a vegetative state we were given the sad news that Dylan would probably never wake up from this, and we had to prepare for our new normal. We transferred back to a hospital closer to home, so we could be with our daughter Taylor more often. Once we moved, all of a sudden Dylan started to show signs of improvement. He started to track people with his eyes, laugh, cry, and start to move his body. This was incredible and every day he seemed to do something new. After 2 1/2 months, he started to talk. He is very limited in what he can do and needed intense therapy, so we were transferred to CHLA in early December to their rehabilitation center. He’s made incredible progress with his speech, as well him being able to use his body more. He’s in a wheelchair with very limited mobility, but getting stronger every day, and there’s a possibility of him being able to walk again one day.

This kid is a fighter and working so very hard to get back to himself, all while going through intense chemotherapy and being sick. It was a long 5 1/2 months of living in hospitals, being away from home and our daughter, especially during the entire holiday season. Dylan is finally home and thriving. He’s still a very sick boy, in the middle of some intense chemotherapy treatments & all his therapies, but he is happy and continues to make progress each week. This has been a long journey and it’s just beginning. We have a long and hard road ahead of us, with another anticipated 1 1/2-2 years of chemotherapy, but we are just grateful to have our sweet Dylan back with us and fighting to regain his former self!” Thank you for sharing the details here, Erica. It’s just not possible to fully comprehend what it would be like to experience this but we will bust our humps this summer for you guys and do what we can to brighten his summer from time to time!

Thank you for allowing us to offer some support to Dylan and your family!

The 2 Seam Dream Foundation is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization

The Win Green Campaign is made possible through a partnership with the 2 Seam Dream Foundation and founder Rick Greene. The inaugural Win “Green” Campaign was in 2015 managed to raise almost $8,000 for the Brentfield Elementary School Custodian (Mr. Jeff Ballard AKA “Superman”) to aid in his fight against lung cancer. It has since been the dream of Avery Zweig, her Caddie and The 2 Seam Dream Foundation’s goal to raise WORLDWIDE awareness for pediatric cancer. We hope that with each campaign participant learning to “utilize their skills to benefit those who are in need” the Win Green Campaign will make a significant impact each and every year.